About Me

Hello, and welcome to my world of Graphic Artology…

My name is Aaron, The Graphic Artologist, and I create unique, custom art straight from the soul.
Art to me, is a passion and graphic design is my medium. What do I design?… Anything that comes to mind, whether it’s a random creative thought or business marketing materials. Mostly print design, or design for web (not so much on the ‘web design’ yet though), although i’m always up for a challenge, and i’m always looking for inspiration for design and marketing. I have an Associates degree in Graphic Arts & Photography and a certificate in Graphic Arts, and have been freelancing for a few years, but my creative juices have been flowing for a long time. I call myself a Graphic ‘Artologist’ because I see art, and of course graphic arts, as kind of a science. Great creativity plus the knowledge of how noticeable design works, equals a great product in the end.
So take a look at what I have to show and let me know what you think. Any comments, suggestions, questions, critiques, good remarks, or select four letter words, are always appreciated.